Wichard Speed Link 74mm-134mm

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Speedlink is the new trigger snap shackle dedicated to spinnaker operations on racing boats and offering an excellent weight / performance ratio. Ultra lightweight: developed by using finite element analysis software, Speedlink has an optimised design thanks to its shape, cut-outs and ribs. Its make it extremely design and gives its one of the best strength/weight ratios on the market. Easy opening: opening under load, whether manually or using release fid, is easy and effortless thanks to the generous passage diameter and its optimised slopes. No accidental opening: the special shape of the latch reduces inertia and avoids unintentional opening, especially under impact. Sturdy: Speedlink is forged in HR stainless steel and can bear outstanding working and breaking loads for a minimum weight. Modern design: its ultra-technical lines avoid excessive rope wear and prevent adjacent lines from jamming.

Applications Spinnaker operations: sheets, halyards, peeling Can handle two sheets or one sheet and one trigger snap shackle

Model Length-mm WL -kg BL-KG Dia- swivel eye Dia Shackle Body eye
2650 74 1100 2300 11.5 14
2652 87 1440 3400 15.50 17
2654 108 2320 5400 21 22
2656 134 4300 8700 26 25

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