Resins and Hardeners

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Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
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West Systems 105 Epoxy Resin
West Systems West Systems 105 Epoxy Resin
Sale priceFrom $44.00 Regular price$49.92
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West Systems 205 Fast Hardener
West Systems West Systems 205 Fast Hardener
Sale priceFrom $16.37 Regular price$18.71
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Flowcoat Polyester  White and NeutralFlowcoat Polyester  White and Neutral
Martini Flowcoat Polyester White and Neutral
Sale priceFrom $31.37 Regular price$36.50
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West Systems 413 Microfibre Blend
Save $2.62
White Brush GelcoatWhite Brush Gelcoat
MILDE White Brush Gelcoat
Sale priceFrom $23.58 Regular price$26.20
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MEKP catalystMEKP catalyst
Martini MEKP catalyst
Sale priceFrom $5.25 Regular price$6.00
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West Systems 411 Microsphere Blend
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Polyester Resin
Martini Polyester Resin
Sale priceFrom $22.27 Regular price$25.95
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West Systems 410 Microlight
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MILDE Catalyst
Sale priceFrom $7.65 Regular price$8.50
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Gelcoat Repair Putty Kit
MILDE Gelcoat Repair Putty Kit
Sale price$43.61 Regular price$48.45
Save $5.65
Fibreglass Repair Kit
MILDE Fibreglass Repair Kit
Sale price$50.85 Regular price$56.50
Save $2.42
Polyester ResinPolyester Resin
MILDE Polyester Resin
Sale priceFrom $21.78 Regular price$24.20
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MILDE Acetone
Sale priceFrom $20.88 Regular price$23.20
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Chopped Strand MatChopped Strand Mat
MILDE Chopped Strand Mat
Sale priceFrom $15.39 Regular price$17.10
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Fibreglass Roller
MILDE Fibreglass Roller
Sale price$16.34 Regular price$18.15
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Catalyst Dropper
MILDE Catalyst Dropper
Sale price$0.99 Regular price$1.10

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