Engine Controls

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Showing 1 - 24 of 66 products
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BLA Actuator
Sale price$1,860.65 Regular price$2,189.00
Save $4.03
Ball Joints
BLA Ball Joints
Sale priceFrom $22.87 Regular price$26.90
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Save $4.93
Bleeding Nipple
BLA Bleeding Nipple
Sale price$27.97 Regular price$32.90
Save $13.03
Bus Harness
BLA Bus Harness
Sale priceFrom $73.87 Regular price$86.90
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Save $1.48
Cable Clamps and Shims
BLA Cable Clamps and Shims
Sale priceFrom $8.42 Regular price$9.90
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Save $8.23
Cable Hook Clips - 30/33 Series
BLA Cable Hook Clips - 30/33 Series
Sale priceFrom $46.67 Regular price$54.90
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Save $71.98
BLA Charging Valve Update Kit
Sale price$407.92 Regular price$479.90
Save $6.28
BLA Clevis Ends
Sale priceFrom $35.62 Regular price$41.90
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Save $4.63
BLA Conduit Clamps
Sale price$26.27 Regular price$30.90
Save $215.85
Control Head
BLA Control Head
Sale priceFrom $1,223.15 Regular price$1,439.00
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Save $440.85
Control Unit
BLA Control Unit
Sale price$2,498.15 Regular price$2,939.00
Save $12.28
DC Controls
BLA DC Controls
Sale priceFrom $69.62 Regular price$81.90
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Save $37.48
Dual Station Exchangers
BLA Dual Station Exchangers
Sale priceFrom $212.42 Regular price$249.90
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Save $44.98
Dual Station Selection Kit
BLA Dual Station Selection Kit
Sale price$254.92 Regular price$299.90
Save $16.48
Dual Station Throttle Selection Kit - Inboard & Stern Drive
Save $9.58
Engine Control Fitting Kit
BLA Engine Control Fitting Kit
Sale price$54.32 Regular price$63.90
Save $29.98
Extra Fittings Kit
BLA Extra Fittings Kit
Sale price$169.92 Regular price$199.90
Save $22.48
Filter & Fitting Kit
BLA Filter & Fitting Kit
Sale price$127.42 Regular price$149.90
Save $142.35
Flush Top Mount Controls - CH4400
BLA Flush Top Mount Controls - CH4400
Sale priceFrom $806.65 Regular price$949.00
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Save $19.48
Glycol Fluid
BLA Glycol Fluid
Sale price$110.42 Regular price$129.90
Save $62.98
BLA Hand Held Remote To Suit KE Control Systems
Sale priceFrom $356.92 Regular price$419.90
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Save $278.85
Hydraulic Engine Controls
BLA Hydraulic Engine Controls
Sale price$1,580.15 Regular price$1,859.00
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Save $7.18
Idle Extension Harness
BLA Idle Extension Harness
Sale priceFrom $40.72 Regular price$47.90
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Save $14.68
In Line Connection Kit
BLA In Line Connection Kit
Sale price$83.22 Regular price$97.90

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