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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 products
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BLA Tap knob, stem, red and blue rings
Sale price$29.83 Regular price$33.90
Save $82.68
SSI Cold Water Stowaway Shower
BLA SSI Cold Water Stowaway Shower
Sale price$606.32 Regular price$689.00
Save $33.79
Capri Tapware RangeCapri Tapware Range
BLA Capri Tapware Range
Sale price$226.11 Regular price$259.90
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Save $9.67
RWB2186 Faucet -CPB Mixer Taps
RWB RWB2186 Faucet -CPB Mixer Taps
Sale price$119.33 Regular price$129.00
Save $2.75
Faucet -Alloy Telescopic
RWB Faucet -Alloy Telescopic
Sale price$20.25 Regular price$23.00
Save $7.91
Shower Handset
BLA Shower Handset
Sale price$63.99 Regular price$71.90
Save $17.99
Compact Shower
BLA Compact Shower
Sale price$131.91 Regular price$149.90
Save $6.81
BLA Hose storage bag
Sale price$55.09 Regular price$61.90
Save $8.46
BLA Tap service kit
Sale price$68.44 Regular price$76.90
Save $21.59
SPX Faucet
BLA SPX Faucet
Sale price$158.31 Regular price$179.90
Save $3.35
BLA Telescopic Faucet
Sale price$24.55 Regular price$27.90
Save $12.09
Mini Taps - Chrome Plated Brass
BLA Mini Taps - Chrome Plated Brass
Sale priceFrom $97.81 Regular price$109.90
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Shower HosesShower Hoses
BLA Shower Hoses
Sale priceFrom $0.00
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Save $23.99
Bora Tapware RangeBora Tapware Range
BLA Bora Tapware Range
Sale priceFrom $175.91 Regular price$199.90
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Save $7.30
RWB2185 Faucet -CPB Single Tap
RWB RWB2185 Faucet -CPB Single Tap
Sale price$65.70 Regular price$73.00
Save $9.75
RWB2183 Mixer Faucet -Long Spout
RWB RWB2183 Mixer Faucet -Long Spout
Sale price$120.25 Regular price$130.00
Save $9.37
RWB2182 Mixer Faucet -Short Spout
RWB RWB2182 Mixer Faucet -Short Spout
Sale price$115.63 Regular price$125.00

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