Sutars Electrical Connector Plug

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SUTARS ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS - superb quality range of Swedish made non-corrosive cigarette
lighter plugs and sockets for exterior or interior use. These high quality connectors allow any marine
electrical appliance such as spotlights, work lights Etc. that have a cigarette lighter plug attachment to
be easily connected to the non-corrosive socket. 2 pole nickel plated brass terminal connections. Existing

  • appliances without a plug attachment can be easily converted with SUTARS standard or ultimate plug.Totally non-corrosive - UV stabilised black plastic casing with natural rubber weather flap cover
  • All metal connection parts are brass or nickel plated brass
  • High quality materials and Swedish manufacturing - suits interior or exterior use
  • Easily connect spotlights Etc with cig plug ends - or use the SUTARS plugs to make your own connection

SUTARS non-corrosive plugs are far superior to standard connection
plugs and simply screw apart for fast, simple wire connection with
screw terminals - no soldering required. 12 - 24 volt.
The "Ultimate" plug is the highest quality available with 3 contact
springs ensuring true contact, 20 amp capacity, large screw terminals and built-in cable restraint.

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