BLUEFIN MAKO M12 IFM LED Underwater Lights

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The Bluefin MAKO M12 IFM (Interchangeable Flush Mount) are powerful thru-hull mounted underwater lights suitable for boats up to approx 20 metres (65Ft). They provide 6,300 fixture lumens and up to 9,000 lamp lumens oflight.
The LED unit is fully waterproof sealed in high impact optical polymer. The MAKO lights thru-hull mounting provides a safe and secure mounting with the added benefit of a removable LED cartridge that can be serviced from inside
the hull eliminating the need to slip the boat. Waterproof fuse holder & fuse are provided and a template & detailed installation manual is included in the box. The MAKO lights have an AB2 bronze housing with an aluminium interna
cartridge sleeve. If fitting to steel or aluminium boats the optional delrin isolationsleeve must be used. 2 year limited warranty.

  • Powerful 6,300 fixture lumens light output. Max lamp lumens 9,000
  • Suits boats to approx 20 metre (65 Ft) length
  • Thru-hull mounted. AB2 bronze housing with removable light cartridge
  • Thru-hull interchangeable requires 65mm entry hole
  • Protection - under/over voltage - reverse polarity - active thermal
  • Hydro block & Nano coating technology
  • Typical LED life expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Fixture depth 11 0mm. Width 85mm. Fixture profile 4mm
  • Just 2 wires to connect. Cable length 18 metre
  • 60 degree beam angle
  • Integral driver (single colour lights). Colour change light has external driver
  • Supplied with waterproof fuse holder, fuse, S/S screws & installation manual
  • Suitable for below waterline mounting on transom, side or under hu
  • 3 LED colours available - diamond white, cobalt blue & emerald green
  • 2 year limited warranty. All installation instructions must be adhered to.
  • 12 volt or 24 volt available. 12 volt 5.1 amp. 24v 2.6 amp.

MAKO Single Colour Thru-Hull Underwater Light

RWB6341 - Diamond White 12 volt
RWB6342 - Diamond White 24 volt
RWB6343 - Cobalt Blue 12 volt
RWB6344 - Cobalt Blue 24 volt
RWB6345 - Emerald Green 12 volt
RWB6346 - Emerald Green 24 volt

MAKO Colour Change Thru-Hull Underwater Light

RWB6347 M24 Colour change light. Multi-voltage suits both 12v & 24v

The Bluefin MAKO M241FM colour change light allows you to showcase your boat in the colour of your choice. Almost infinite colours available. They have basically the same specifications as the M121ights above except -

  • Driver type - External IP67 Plug & play remote box with DMXNVIFI control
    which must be purchased seperately
  • Multi-voltage syuits both 12 volt & 24 volt systems
  • Powerful 6,500 fixture lumens light output
  • Almost infinite colour combinations obtainable. Cycling, strobe function

Accessories For MAKO Colour Change Thru-Hull Underwater light

RWB6352 - Mako delrin isolation kit - required if fitting to steel or aluminium hull boats

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