RWB5191 Ski Pole HD Ubolt & Base

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SKI POLES - STAINLESS STEEL - DETACHABLE Quality TENOB range of detachable ski poles made from polished stainless steel with a powder coated aluminium base.The base has a spring loaded quick release pin for fast andneasy pole removal.,2 types and mounting styles are available.Standard pole - 1.2mm wall thickness.Heavy duty pole - 1.5mm wall thickness (for twin sking).All poles are 1.2 Metres in length and 51mm O.DTransom/bulkhead mount type - includes pole base and Unbolt bracket. Collars prevent U bolt from clamping hard up allowing fast pole removal.Thru-deck mounting type - includes pole base and rectangular stainless steel flat plate. TRANSOM / BULKEAD MOUNT TYPE,Includes 1.2 metre pole (standard or heavy duty) spring loaded base and U bolt bracket.nMaximum transom thickness 35mm for U bolt mount.

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