Rocna Vulcan Anchor

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The Vulcan features a unique combination of shank and fluke geometry. (A) the innovative roll-palm™ at the rear of the fluke – rolls the anchor into the correct setting angle without the use of a roll-bar. (B) the V-bulb™ extends the fluke ballast downward to gain maximum leverage and efficiency. This gives the Vulcan a larger fluke surface area than other designs that utilze lead weights in the fluke.(C) the fluke is concave, similar in design to the Rocna, delivering greater holding power and more reliable setting behavior.(D) The carefully designed shank profile allows the Vulcan to fit easily in the bow rollers of a huge range of power vessels recessed rollers, bow platforms, and other protrusions.Sailing yachts with bowsprits, proders and stays, that made fitting a roll-bar anchor troublesome can now easily fit a Vulocan without modifying the bow roller.(D) Smoothly self-launches, retreives and stows without the need for righting swivels or multiple roller set-ups. MASSIVE STRENGTH FROM SOPHISTICATED DESIGN The shanke design utilizes a unique I+V profile™ shank design (E) and and advanced materials to produce a light but massively strong shank.The bottom edge (F) cuts into the seabed for a rapid, deep burial. Sizing Guide LIFETIME WARRANTY Canada Metals Pacific are so confident in the consistent quality of their manufacturing process they guarantee the Vulcan anchor against breakage, deformation, bending and manufacturing defects for life.   Bulky Item. Fixed shipping price $25.00.Shipped to standard shipping zones.Remote or distance locations will be quoted