Nylon Anchor Rope & Chain Kits

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Nylon rope and chain kits for use on anchor winches with a rope and chain gypsy. Supplied with 6mm short link galvanised chain spliced to 3 strand rope.

Code Rope Dia. Rope Length Chain Size Chain Length
564084 8mm 70m 6mm 6m
564085 8mm 70m 6mm 10m
564086 8mm 100m 6mm 6m
564087 8mm 100m 6mm 10m
564088 10mm 100m 6mm 10m
564090 12mm 50m 6mm 6m
564091 12mm 50m 6mm 10m
564095 12mm 100m 6mm 6m
564096 12mm 100m 6mm 10m

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