LED Underwater Lights - Stainless 30 Watt

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316 Stainless With 10 x 3 Watt LED’s
These surface mount underwater lights are made from non-corrosive
316 grade stainless steel and have an IP68 totally waterproof rating.
In addition to 10 x very bright 3 watt LED’s these underwater lights
have a secondary optical lens to further enhance their brightness.
The 10 x 3 watt Samsung LED’s have a 50,000 hour life and an
effective Lumen rating of up to 1130 lumen (equivalent to a 150 watt
standard bulb) for the white light, 245 Lumen for the blue and
590 Lumen for the green colour light.
The lights are supplied with a wiring gland with 1.5 metres of wiring,
driver unit and S/S fastening screws.
3 light output colours available - white, blue or green.
Suitable for both 12 volt and 24 volt systems.
MUST be used underwater as these bright lights are water cooled.
Light size : 138mm x 68mm
WHITE underwater light 12-24v - 10 x 3 watt LED’s 1130 Lumen
BLUE underwater light 12-24v - 10 x 3 watt LED’s 245 Lumen
GREEN underwater light 12-24v - 10 x 3 watt LED’s 590 Lumen

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