“Diablo” Universal Tanks 230 High

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Size: 37 lt
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Tanks suit petrol, ethanol mix, diesel, freshwater & waste water

These “Diablo” tanks by Nuova Rade are made from high density
polyethylene material which can be used as tanks for petrol, ethanol mix,
diesel, drinking water and waste - the same tank can be used for any of
the above - they are non-toxic and fuel resistant and CE approved.
The tank itself is sold separately - and then a tank hatch lid is sold
separately to match the desired usage.
The tanks have a colour coded symbol moulded into them with red for
fuel, blue for fresh water and brown for waste water.
The tanks come in 2 different height sizes with 5 different litre capacities in
each. When matched with the 3 different type tank hatch lids it allows 30
different tank combinations. Blind sealing hatch lid also available.

230mm High x 360mm Wide

Code Capacity Length Height
RWB4480 37 500 Add 100mm for Top
RWB4481 48 650 Add 100mm for Top
RWB4482 60 800 Add 100mm for Top
RWB4483 70 950 Add 100mm for Top
RWB4484 82 1100 Add 100mm for Top

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