Burke Quick Dry Long Sleeve Polo UPF50+

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Burke Marine has always been conscious of the harsh elements that people who live, work or play on the water are subjected too. Hence the design and release of a new look long sleeve UPF 50+ sun shirt. Using advanced fabrics and protection methods, the new shirts are made with Mynx UV fibres which gives a high level of protection against both UVA (ageing) and UVB (burning). The UPF50+ is made under new “High IQ” standards, it is light weight, soft and comfortable, has a low water retention (quick dry), wicks moisture away from skin and prevents unpleasant odors. Perspiration marks are dramatically reduced and the shirt will continue to perform wash after wash. Also, making use of non synthetic fibres, you no longer have to suffer from that static cling common amongst other garments. The UPF50+ Long Sleeve Crew neck has elasticised cuffs and collar. It is fully machine washable and it’s "easy care" ensures that clothes go from dryer to hanger without a stop at the ironing board. our special processing the fabric soft and silky to the touch. Coming with a subtle arm logo, it makes the perfect garment for crew gear or club uniforms. This garment is a must have for anyone on or near the water.            Features UPF 50 + protection  Breathable lightweight fabric Fabric wicks moisture away from skin Easy adjustable zip opening on polo style Non catch cuffs Stretch fabric and action design Subtle Arm logo Maintains UPF protection even when wet