Foam Sound Insulation - Sorberbarrier AGC

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Sorberbarrier AGC is a composite sandwich material comprising of a flexible high mass noise barrier laminated between two layers of flexible acoustic foam. It increases sound transmission loss and provides sound absorption. Ideal for engine rooms or anywhere that requires noise control. The outer layer of flexi foam comprises foam sound insulation detailed with 335010 above. The base layer comprises of 6mm foam and acts as a decoupling layer which separates the noise barrier and spaces it from the structure. The middle layer is the decoupled noise barrier that adds significantly to the sound transmission loss of the system. The resultant performance exceeds the mass law. Commonly bonded to the structure with spray adhesives.
Multi-function product an absorber and barrier in one
Fire retardant to AS1530.3
Excellent mid to high frequency performance
Resists hydrolysis - foam will not rot
Ignition retardant
Flexible for ease of installation
Reflects heat and light
Resists contamination from dust and liquids
Heat formable
Durable tear resistant facing
Self extinguishing
Free from formaldehyde, phenolic resins and irritating fibres

BLA Code 335030
Thickness  32mm
Sheet Size 1300 x 2200 mm

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