Inspection Ports - Polypropylene ABS

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Moulded nylon construction with screw in centres, weatherproofing 'O' ring seal and wide caulking flange. Available in three sizes with a choice of black or white with solid or clear centres. Some models are available complete with a storage bag ideal for wallets, keys and similar.

174070 ‘O’ ring seal 102mm
174074 White lid only 102mm suit 174004
174076 Black lid only 102mm suit 174006
174078 Clear lid only 102mm suit 174008/10
174080 ‘O’ ring seal 130mm
174082 White lid only 130mm suit 174014/21
174084 Black lid only 130mm suit 174016/22
174090 ‘O’ ring seal 152mm
174094 White lid only 152mm suit 174024/32
174096 Black lid only 152mm

* These models supplied with storage bag

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