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The Scoop Strainer is designed to divert large objects away from water intakes while the vessel is moving. This helps eliminate problems with seaweed/seagrass, sticks or rubbish being sucked into engine intakes and blocking or clogging intake filters. The strainer acts as a course first stage filter that is cleaned by water movement.
The Round Strainer is designed for use in stationary applications where there is a risk of sucking in unwanted objects.
Tru-Design Intake Strainers eliminate the corrosion and electrical bonding problems associated with metallic fittings. They can be painted over with anti-foul, and can be faired into the hull without concerns of corrosion.

FLOW AREA Area Ratio
Size Strainer Area (mm2) Strainer : Skin Fitting
Scoop Strainer ¾” 430 1.90 : 1
Scoop Strainer 1¼” 1530 1.85 : 1
Scoop Strainer 2” 3200 1.75 : 1
Round Strainer 1¼” 705 1.00 : 1

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