Shurflo 3.5 Blaster 2 Deckwash Pumps

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Shurflo 4238 quad series fully automatic deck washdown pumps. These 4 chamber pumps have a unique over-moulded single-piece diaphragm assuring long life and top performance.
They are self priming up to 1.8 metres vertical lift and will deliver up to 3.5 gallons (13.2 litres) per minute at pressure up to 45 PSI.
The "Blaster 2" incorporates a water resistant pressure switch unit- so water is supplied and shut off automatically - at the squeeze of the hose nozzle supplied.
The "Blaster 2" is ignition protected, can run dry without damage, has a thermal overload breaker to protect the motor and is suitable for salt or fresh water use.

  • Fully automatic operation at the sqeeze of the hose nozzle
  • Ignition protected & thermally protected motor with auto restart
  • Can run dry for short periods without damage
  • Powerful high pressure flow

The "Blaster 2" washdown kit includes a pump, pistol grip hose
nozzle, 2 x straight hose connection fittings to suit 20mm hose and
a USA garden thread connector to suit HoseCoil coiled hose.
1/2” male threaded inlet & outlet ports - use only standard Shurflo
hose fittings - and DON'T use thread tape.

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