Contest 101 Sailboat Compasses

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The Plastimo Contest 101 compasses are suitable for sailing boats of 9 metres+ length.
The Contest 101 series are Plastimo's most popular sailboat compasses with high performance engineering and elegant styling to match modern cockpits.
Vertical bulkhead mounting or can be mast mounted by fitting the optional mast mounting kit.
In addition - these compasses have universal global balance - for use in any zone worldwide.
100mm apparent card diameter
Dual front and top reading compass card
Double reading - can be read from cockpit & cabin
Vertical bulkhead mounting up to 10 Deg incline
Suits any bulkhead mounting thickness
Optional aluminium mast mounting bracket
3 lubber lines, at 45 degrees
Clinometer showing angle of heel
12v lighting included
Protective cover included
Compensators optional
Watertight construction & all parts fully UV treated
5 year limited warranty
SOLAS-MED 96/98 approved
Global balanced card for use worldwide

RWB8060 Black Red
RWB8061 Black Black
RWB8062 White Red
RWB8063 White White
Compass for inclined bulkheads 10-25 degrees - Where the bulkhead is inclined more than 10 degrees this compass is required.
RWB8066 White compass with red card 10-25 deg
Compass with tactical compass card - can be used as a normal compass with top reading card - or tactical with segmented colour card & numerals, which makes it easier to steer a triangular olympic course.
RWB8065 Black compass with tactical card

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