Rule Bilge Pump Automatic 500GPH

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The electronic sensing series bilge pumps turn the pump impeller every 2-1/2 minutes for approximately one second. If water is present, the pump will sense resistance and will continue to run until all water is removed. This system is a compact way of constantly sensing for water presence. Fully submersible 500US Gallons 3.1 lts per minute 1.6 amp Draw Built in thermal cut out in the motor provides additional protection for pump and vesel 16guage tinned wire with silicone infused water blocking feature -to prevent water wicking down the wiring. Comsumes .2 amps per day ule Fully Automatic 500 Submersible Submersible pump 12 volt DC with 750mm cable. Fully automated bilge pump with computerised operation. Click here to rate this product! Connections: For 19mm (3/4") bore hose. Dimensions: 107mm high, 64mm x 74mm. Current Draw: 1.6(amps) Fuse Size: 4(amp) Output: Up to 31 litres/minute (7 gallons/minute) at 12v, without check valve. Max. recommended discharge head 2m. Fully automated bilge pump with computerised operation. Tough plastic body with integral strainer. Quick release strainer allows rapid cleaning. Low amp draw conserves batteries.Checks for water every 2 1/2 minutes (Runs for 1/2 second)Consumes 0.20 amps per day Built-in Thermal Cut-Off. Check Valve included for Back Flow Prevention. Vented body to prevent air locking. Threaded port for easier installation and maintenance. No Need for separate float switch, third wire for manual override.

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