Ronstan Constrictor Textile Clutch

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  •  2 x Holding power of conventional rope clutches
  •  3 x Lighter than the conventional rope clutches
  •  No point loading, abrasion or rope cover rupture
  •  Easy release under load


Unlike conventional clutches the Constrictor® system does not crush the rope between two metal surfaces. Instead, the loaded rope is held securely in a textile sleeve, itself attached to a base unit. The rope runs freely through the sleeve in one direction, but is gripped instantly when running out in the opposite direction. This patented "constrictor effect" provides greater holding power as the load increases.

Stronger and Lighter

Twice the holding power and a third of the weight of conventional rope clutches.

Non Destructive

The textile sleeve closes like a constrictor on the line. The extraordinary grip is the result of fibre to fibre contact that is far less aggressive than a traditional metal cam, and much more effective.

Release Under Load

The line can quickly be released under load without the use of a winch simply by pulling the lanyard.

Structural Integration

The Constrictor® is also available in a version suitable for structurally integrated installations. Instead of the notched alloy base unit, the sleeve is supplied with an alloy mounting collar that can be built into a suitably reinforced bulkhead of a customised base fitting.

Remote Release

The Dyneema® lanyard can be extended for remote release; for example, to lock a halyard or reefing line to reduce spar compression and minimise rope creep.


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