Raymarine T108 Wireless Wind, Speed, Depth & Triducer

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Key Benefits & Features: Wireless Speed & Depth system with triducer that includes T111 Dual Digital Display, T120 Wind Transmitter, T112 Analogue Display, T121 Hull Transmitter and T910 Speed and Depth Features Complete Solution in one box Speed, Depth & Distance Wind Speed & Direction Calculated Functions Cost effective solution Complete system in one box Quick to install Easy to expand system Multi-functional display Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA Easy to Install T111 Dual Digital DisplayThe Dual Digital Display shows two lines of data simultaneously. It can be configured at any time to display any information provided by your transmitters. T112 Analogue DisplayMultifunction digital analogue display for the Micronet system. Shows Apparent or True Wind Speed and Direction along with CH/VMG, GPS and Heading Information. T121 Hull TransmitterThe Speed, Depth and Compass Transducers link to the Hull Transmitter which sends the information to the Micronet Displays by wireless link. It can be sited anywhere convenient on the boat usually close to the transducers. T120 Wind TransmitterThe Wind Transmitter measures Wind Speed and Direction and sends data to any Micronet display via wireless link. It can be fitted (simple three-screw attachment) with the mast in place and makes un-stepping the mast easy too. Calibration for wind speed and direction is done at any display. T910 TriducerCombined Speed/Temperature and Depth Transducer for use with the mn100 Micronet system.Supplied with through hull housing and blanking plug and 6 metres of cable

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