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Now your cleat can hold your fishing rod, mobile phone, drink, navlight, or anything else that a RAILBLAZA accessory can hold. The cleat gives you a tie off point for stern lines and bow lines on small craft. The StarPort gives the extra functionality of adding any RAILBLAZA accessory. Check out the video below for more information and ideas. Also included is the unique backing plate , designed to keep stainless fastenings isolated from aluminium decks to avoid corrosion. MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS: Drill holes using the backing plate as a guide. Stack plate and cleat in place then fit the two M6x25 screws in the two holes in line with the cleat handles. Tighten nuts or screw heads to a firm tension. Position StarPort on top lining the holes up with the two spare holes on the Cleat and fit the two M6x35 screws Repeat Step 3.– Ensure you have adequate clearance behind the surface for screw and/or bolt penetration, and that no cabling, plumbing or rigging will be adversely affected.

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