Plastimo Contest 130 Compass

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The Plastimo Contest 130 compasses are suitable
for sailing boats of 9 metres+ length.
The Contest 130 series have a large 127mm diameter
card with exceptional magnification giving the user an
unparalleled quality of reading by day or night.
The contest 130 remains perfectly legible from a
distance of 5 metres away.
Vertical bulkhead or bracket mounting or can be mast
mounted by fitting the optional mast mounting kit.

127mm apparent card diameter
Dual front and top reading compass card
Vertical bulkhead mounting up to 10 Deg incline
Bracket mount in any position. Easily removable
Optional aluminium mast mounting bracket
3 lubber lines, at 45 degrees
Clinometer showing angle of heel
Dual 12v lighting included - upper and lower
Protective cover included
Compensators included as standard
Watertight construction & all parts fully UV treated
5 year limited warranty
SOLAS-MED 96/98 approved
Balanced for Zone C - Australia and South Pacific

White Compass picture indicicative only. Does not include bracket

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