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The inside of your engine needs a helping hand to remove all that salt after a fun day out on the water. Our Motor Flush will help dissolve and flush away any salt deposits, when used in combination with our Motor Flusher, keeping your engine running smoothly!

Australia Made | Australian Owned

    How to use:

    • Fill your Flusher with 50ml of Flush
    • Connect the Flusher to your garden hose and intake system
    • Set your Flusher dial to 'rinse', start your engine and turn on the water
    • Rinse your engine for a good 2 minutes in order to remove the initial build up
    • Set your Flusher dial to 1 of the 4 'feed' settings and let the Flush work its magic for 5 minutes
    • Finally, set your Flusher dial back to 'rinse' and turn on the water to rinse your engine clear ... squeaky clean!

    Motor Flusher Kit

    • Attaches to your garden hose
    • Flushes engine when used in combination with Motor Flush
    • Regular motor flushing reduces the build up of salt deposits


    • Bottle capacity: 100ml
    • Maximum water temperature 60 degrees centigrade

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