LED Underwater Lights - 2.4 Watt

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Economical surface mount underwater lights for smaller boats.
The non-corrosive and chemical resistant polymer totally encapsulates the
LED’s and has an IP68 totally waterproof rating. The 12 x 0.2 watt white
LED’s have a bright effective rating of up to 180 lumen for the white light.
The lights are supplied with a rubber wiring grommet with 1.5 metres of
wiring, rubber backing pad, rubber mounting block and S/S fastenings.
The mounting block allows the wiring to be run up the transom -
if you don’t want to drill an underwater hole in the boat for the wiring entry.
These lights are also ideal for companionway or cockpit lighting -
anywhere a totally waterproof light is desired.
3 light output colours available - white, blue.
12 volt only. Light size : 85mm x 40mm

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