HoseCoil HP Washdown Hose

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HoseCoils New HP hose is the ideal deck washdown hose.
It is made from top-of-the-line high performance new Polyether
material for high strength, durability, re-coil memory & improved
resistance to salt and UV.
It also has “flex relief” on the end of the hose to eliminate
any hose strain.
  • New HP high performance Polyether hose
  • Lightweight - easy to use
  • High strength & durability
  • Salt & UV resistant
  • 10mm diameter self-coiling hose - easy to stow
  • Excellent “memory” for retractability
  • Flex relief end to eliminate hose strain
  • 85-90% usable length - excellent hose extendibility
  • Solid brass end fittings - USA garden hose threaded
  • Hose allows up to 22 litres per minute flow rate
  • A variety of high pressure hose guns available seperately
  • Excellent full colour clamshell retail packaging

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