GME AISR120 AIS Receiver

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Key Benefits & Features: The GME AISR120 incorporates two ultra sensitive receivers coupled to a sophisticated processor with RMax™ technology. Ideally suited for installation on leisure boats where collision avoidance is the primary concern, the AISR120 can be interfaced to a PC, notebook, or GME chartplotter for greater situational awareness. The GME AISR120 will receive both static and dynamic information from both AIS class A and B equipped vessels, aids to navigation and base stations that are within VHF range. The GME AISR120 can use either a dedicated AIS antenna, or share the vessel’s existing VHF antenna via the GME AISS120 VHF antenna splitter. An AIS receiver will allow you to track other traffic in the area with an AIS transponder onboard, and identify ‘Aids to Navigation’ (AtoN) even when not visibly by sight. You’ll no longer be inhibited by limitations like ‘inline-of-site’ radar. Unlike radar, AIS allows you to ‘see’ other AIS equipped craft behind obstructions like islands and land masses or hidden behind another vessel, and is equally effective in fog or darkness. AIS information is displayed on dedicated AIS screens or AIS compatible Chartplotters. AIS Receivers AIS receivers collect the transmissions from AIS transceivers, base stations and aids to navigation displaying them on compatible chartplotters or dedicated displays. An AIS receiver does not transmit information about your vessel and is used to provide you with situational awareness of other traffic and hazards in the area. Features Ultra sensitive receiver IPX7 construction NMEA 0183-2000 compatible Low power consumption 12-24 V DC input voltage Specifications Dimensions (mm): L x W x H 140 x 100 x 42 Weight 250 grams Power DC (9.6 V - 31.2 V) USB will power unit when connected to a computer only Current < 200 mA at 12 V DC Electrical Interfaces NMEA 0183 Output Baud rate of 38400 - NMEA 0183 input Baud Rate of 4800 - NMEA 2000 - USB. Connectors VHF Antenna Connector (SO-239) - USB type A plug - NMEA 2000 standard connector - 12 way power input NMEA 0183. Dual Channel Receiver Fixed freq reception @ 161.975 and 162.025 MHz Channel Bandwidth 25 kHz RX Sensitivity Better than -112 dBm @ 20% PER. Environmental Water resistant to IPX7 Operating temperature: -25 to +55 deg C Kit Includes AIS dual channel receiver Power and data cable, screw pack Product CD Quick start guide Instruction manual

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