Ecoblast Rechargable Horn

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ECOBLAST is a rechargable AIR horn - just pump in new AIR with a bicycle hand pump, a compressor, or at your local service station. This quality product is made in Canada to high standards and is suitable for marine use, industrial safety, sporting events Etc.

  • Uses plain normal AIR - not gas. Easily rechargable for FREE
  • Safe for the environment - uses AIR only, no harmful gas
  • Never have to buy a refill cannister
  • Recharges via a recessed valve in the base of the horn
  • Easily refills with the mini air pump included in the kit, any bicycle pump, air compressor or tyre pump at your local service station
  • Horn has a plastic base cover to prevent any rust rings on surfaces
  • Powerful 115 decibel blast
  • Can be safely stored - no harmful or dangerous gas - Just AIR Operates in all weather and temperature extremes

RWB6905 Ecoblast horn
RWB6906 Ecoblast kit - includes horn and mini pump blister packed
RWB6907 Mini hand pump only

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