Marinco® AFI Premier Wet Wiper Arms

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AFI Premier wet wiper arms feature heavy duty construction from quality materials along with a built-in wet delivery system that allows for an easily installed washer system to keep your windshield clean.

The Premier wet arm Features black PVC hose that runs up the centre of the arm and ends in a four nozzle spray fixture that is an integral part of the wiper arm itself. Each solid brass spray nozzle is adjustable to provide a maximum coverage spray pattern for almost any windshield.

Premier wet arms can tie into an existing pressurised water system, or can be used with the deck washer kit 116174 above.

Suits the Marinco® BEP Afi wipers
Stainless steel and heavy duty component design
"Articulating/Bend-Back" design that locks arm in upright position for windshield cleaning
Motor shaft mount with notched "teeth" and set screw for secure installation and operation
Available in standard and pantographic styles
The strength to drive larger wiper blades
Pantograph arms will only function properly on the wiper motor sweep arms 80º or less

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