Amplified AIS VHF Splitter - SP160 Splitter

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A Splitter with Gain, not Loss. A built-in amplifier makes the Vesper Marine splitter uniquely able to improve AIS reception and range by providing signal gain. Unlike other splitters, there is now no need to compromise on performance when utilizing the convenience of an existing antenna and cabling to install an AIS receiver or transponder. Ideal for use with low power AIS man overboard (MOB) devices.
Ensuring Optimal Performance
4 status LED's (Power, VHF & AIS transmit, Antenna quality) VHF Fail-safe. VHF radio always has priority and can always transmit even if the power to the splitter fails. The unique antenna quality LED indicates a problem with the antenna, cable or installation. Waterproof, high quality durable construction made specifically for marine use. VHF-in-use indicator appears on the screen of the WatchMate 850 and WatchMate Vision2 whenever the VHF radio is being used. This indicates when AIS traffic is delayed due to antenna use by the VHF radio Two PL259 2m (6.5ft) patch cables included.
RF Performance156MHz to 163MHz
RF Performance
156MHz to 163MHz
Operating Temperature-25ºC to +55ºC (-13ºF to 131ºF)
Overall Size (Incl Connectors)135mm L x 107 W x 56 D (5 5/16” x 4 13/64“ x 2 13/64”)
VHF / AIS ConnectorsSO239 (requires PL259 plug)
AM / FM ConnectorsBNC, optional cable available BNC to Motorola plug
Power Supply10 - 32 VDC, <0.8W nominal
AIS Receive Gain12dB
Insertion LossVHF RX <1.5dB / VHF TX <1dB / AIS TX <1dB
Ais Sensitivity, With Vesper Transponders-119 dBm, 6dB improvement

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