Whale® Manual Bilge Pumps - Gusher Urchin

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Manual bilge pumps for small to medium sized craft. These sturdy pumps are self-priming. Handles can be orientated in any direction and the diaphragm can be easily accessed for maintenance or removing debris. Stepped hose attachments allow either 25mm or 38mm hose connection. Suitable for saltwater, bilge water, waste water and effluent. Made from acetal copolymer, glass filled polypropylene, nylon, stainless steel and neoprene. Nitrile rubber service kit available for use with oils and diesel.


Spare Parts
131300 Service kit – nitrile
131301 Service kit – neoprene
131302 Spare removable handle
131304 Fixed handle kit
131306 Removable handle kit
131308 Clamp ring kit above deck
131320 Diaphragm neoprene

N.B. Capacity measured at 70 strokes per minute with 38mm hose.

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Charles Verzantvoort
Bunnings of boating

It was a pleasant surprise to visit the store so much information and product knowledge the bilge pump works a treat