Hi-Lo Seating System - Hi-Lo Pedestal Deck Bases

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The Hi-Lo Seating System is a two position pedestal system that allows a boat seat to be used in a high position for fishing and a low position while the boat is underway. Simply remove the pedestal and place the seat mount directly into the base socket for low seating position, insert pedestal for high seating position.
The Hi-Lo System comprises of three pieces
Pedestal seat mount
Pedestal post
Pedestal deck base
Pedestal Seat Mounts
360º rotation
3º reclined seating position
Corrosion Resistant E-Cote plated
Optional spring suspension ride
BLA CodeSpringPin Dia. mm
BLA Code
Pin Dia. mm
Hi-Lo Pedestal Posts
Nylon top bush for smooth, silent, lube free swivel operation, anodised aluminium tube, stainless steel pin. Available in fixed height or adjustable height.
BLA CodeHeight mmTube Dia. mmPin Dia. mm
BLA Code
Height mm
Tube Dia. mm
Pin Dia. mm
Hi-Lo Pedestal Deck Bases
Stainless steel or anodised alloy construction
Nylon bush for smooth, silent, lube free swivel operation
BLA CodeMaterialSize mmIntrusion mmMount Screws mm
BLA Code
Size mm
Intrusion mm
Mount Screws mm
183123Stainless steel177 x 177626 c/s
183130Anodised alloy177 x 177626 c/s

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