BEP 6 Switch Waterproof with PTC Fuses

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BEP Splash Proof Switch Panels:     Stylish contoured, moulded plastic panel with removable cover plate over the switches to conceal screws and water drain. Six gang switched circuits with high quality, two position toggle switches covered by neoprene rubber boots providing splash proof protection from the front face to IP56 standard. Features red LED's for systems on and green LED back-lit labels. Choice of three models - Unfused for installation with separate fuses, fused with each pair of toggle switches connected to a behind panel mounted AF type blade fuse or PTC fused. Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) fuses are solid state 9 amp resettable fuses (turn switch off for 10 secs to reset). Supplied complete with 113702, 29 piece label set. Additional label set 113703 is also available. Specifications:Mount screws: 4mm c/sPower: 12 voltsSwitch rating: 20ampsLabels Supplied Include:Accessories, Aerator, Anc. Light, Nav. Lights, Anchor Lights, Autopilot, Bait Tank Pump, Bilge Pump, Blower, Cabin Lights, Cockpit Lights,DC Outlets, Deck Wash, Depth Sounder, Flood Lights, Freshwater Pump, Fridge, GPS, Horn, Instruments, Inst. Lights, Navigation Lights, Radio, Saltwater Pump, Spare, Spot Lights, Stern Light, Trim Tabs & Wiper. blaCode description Colour Intrusion (mm) Overall size mm Cut out size mm Fuses 113264 BEP 6 Switch Waterproof with PTC Fuses Grey         75      110x158       92x130        PTC