Wichard Folding Pad Eye 6mm

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Wichard Folding Pad Eye 6mm
  • Perfect solution for fastening applications (stay, blocks, jib tack point, lifeline, tether etc...)
  • Fully dropforged product with outstanding working and breaking loads regardless the angle of the load
  • Modern and optimized design to suit aesthetics of modern boats
  • They can be fold down to minimize the risk of injuries
  • The silicon pad eliminates noise and unpleasant vibrations
  • Modern design


  • For any fastening/attachment application: shroud, stay, blocks, lifeline, jib tack point etc…)


    • Grade 316L stainless steel


  • HR stainless steel 17.4 PH

  • Features


    78 g

    Working load

    1140 Kg

    Breaking load

    3000 Kg