Tyvek Classic Xpert type 5/6 hooded coverall

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Tyvek Classic Xpert type 5/6 hooded coverall

Since creating the market leading coverall, Dupont have been listening, testing and tweaking – all in the name of refinement and improvement, detail by detail. The result is the all new TYVEK Classic Xpert with superior protection, durability, ergonomics and comfort.

  • Hood fits the contours of the face perfectly
  • Long zipper puller makes it easy to fasten and unfasten when wearing gloves
  • Sleeve designed for perfect fit so it won’t ride up even when performing overhead work
  • Ergonomic design allows full freedom of movement even when performing strenuous tasks
  • Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals
  • Limited protection against liquid mist
  • Electrostatic discharge if properly grounded
  • Protection against particulate radioactive contamination
  • Biological protection