Superwinch T2000

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Superwinch T2000

Superwinch - USA:
The T1500 and T2000 winches are equipped with a permanent magnet motor and are designed for general duty intermittent use. The winches are not designed to be used in hoisting applications. Freespool Clutch is operated by a pull and turn knob which disengages the gearbox to allow the wire rope to be pulled out without using electric power. A tension plate reduces backlash and snarling when pulling out the wire rope.

• Power in and power out
• Freespooling clutch
• Power leads with terminals (included)
• Circuit breaker (included)
• Remote mounted rotary switch (included)
• Wire rope tensioning plate
• 153:1 gear ratio

Recommended boat size:
Boat length 5.2m (17')
Boat weight 910kg (2000lbs)
Boat length 5.5m (18')
Boat weight 1360kg (3000lbs)

N.B. Suggested boat length and weight is a guide only. Other factors including ramp incline and boat trailer friction need to be taken into consideration

description Single Line Pull Weight (kgs) HP max. Dim. lxwxh Cable size mmxm price
211106 Superwinch T2000 907 kg 6.4 0.71 318x100x104 4x15.2 $538.00