RYA Crew To Win

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RYA Crew To Win

The first of a new series of sail racing books. Joe Glanfield covers all the technical essentials needed to succeed in crewed boats."We highly recommend [this book] to dinghy helms as well as crews who want to develop their skills. Crew to Win contains over 100 pages in full colour covering all aspects of dinghy crewing from choosing a boat, a helm, and personal kit, to specific championship techniques for both traditional and high quality dinghies. "As well as the expected boat handling techniques, there are sections on profiling and goal setting - techniques we can all use to identify which areas of our sailing we should be concentrating on - and regatta preparation and tactics. "There is also an underlying insight into the way in which our professional dinghy sailors go about their training and their mentality toward the sport - points which can help us improve, whatever our ambitions. "Clear graphics and sharp, relevant pictures bring the messages home. The best picture is saved until last: a double spread of Joe and Nick laughing as they invert their 470 during one of the high wind photo shoot sequences!" Dinghy Sailing Magazine