RYA Boat Maintenance Handbook

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RYA Boat Maintenance Handbook

Having made the major purchase that is a modern boat, any owner will want to look after it as best they can. But how should this be tackled? How much maintenance is too much, and conversely too little? How can I prevent a problem rather than cure it? How do I know whether what I’m doing is correct? Help is at hand.

This essential new book from boat maintenance guru Andrew Simpson provides the answers that you are looking for, both above and below decks, inside and outside the hull. The comprehensive scope is accompanied by colour illustrations, photographs and unrivalled expert advice on how to care for all of your boat’s fixtures and fittings, helping you tackle any task with complete confidence.

This book is essentially a ‘survivors’ guide to modern boat maintenance. It identifies the areas that you need to maintain and explains how to do it in a very logical way, creating a surprisingly accessible and readable boat maintenance handbook. While the focus is on moulded reinforced plastic boats, many of the topics are common to all modern leisure craft. Top tips and advice along with extensive appendices. A great book for your boat crew.