RWB1999 Fender Basket S/S 195mm

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RWB1999 Fender Basket S/S 195mm
STAINLESS FENDER BASKET SYSTEMA quality modular fender storage system featuring fusion welded STAINLESS steel baskets and heavy duty nylon/stainless rail clamps. The rail clamps suit 22mm (7/8) 25mm (1) & 30mm (1 1/4) rails. These clamps allow the baskets to be mounted to vertical horizontal or inclined rails to easily adapt to any mounting positions required. A stainless steel fender basket clamp is also available to hold baskets together rigidly if a bank of baskets is required. Modular mounting system suits most rail sizes and angles Rail mount suits 22mm (7/8) 25mm (1) 30mm (1 1/4) rails 3 basket sizes to suit different brands and sizes of fenders A basket clamp is available to tie together a bank of baskets The fender baskets are supplied on their own (basket only) - the rail mount clamps and joining clamps must be ordered seperately.