Whale Gusher 30 Manual Bilge Pump

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The Gusher 30 is the largest capacity manual pump in the Whale range. Made from anodised and epoxy coated marine grade LM6 aluminium alloy. Floor/deck or through deck mounted with purchase of optional through deck conversion kit. Features: • Twin neoprene diaphragms (retains suction even if one diaphragm is damaged) • Easy access for cleaning and servicing via large nylon hand nuts (no tools required) • Free flow, non choke valves • Stainless steel fastenings • Acetal copolymer bushes • Suitable for Survey vessels Specifications: Capacity: 100 L/m (22 g/m) @ 60 strokes per minute Max lift: 4m Max head: 4m Hose size: 38mm Mount screws: 8 r/h