RWB5761 Hull Clean AHC 1 Litre

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AQUAVIRO HULL CLEANER Aquaviro Hull Cleaner (AHC) is a non acid rust & scale remover cleaner. AHC contains no strong mineralnacids is non-fuming under normal use is non-corrosive to the skin and is safe on fibre glass gelcoat paint work and most metals..AHC is a liquid compound specially formulated using an organic salt for the cleaning and removal of bothnorganic and inorganic mineral deposits such as rust salt scale yellowing coral and barnacles from hullsnshafts and propellers..AHC also contains special wetting agents so it is also an effective cleaner for the removal of grime oxidesnoil grease etc from most hard surfaces.nAHC is harmless to most paints and finishes. If applied correctly it will leave paintwork and gelcoat clean andnfree of oxides.AHC is perfect for de-scaling smelly pipes holding tanks.