Ronstan RF72700B Ratchet Blocks Bottom blocks for RF72700 twinspeed system

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FEATURES Coarse and and fine tuning purchase system Unrivalled 18:1 holding power Dual sided On-Off switch Low friction ball bearing system Lightweight Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing maintenance Sheave Ø 75 + 50 mm Max. Rope Ø 10 mm Max. Cable Ø - mm Pin Ø - mm M.W.L. 800 kg B. L. 1700 kg Weight 855 g PRODUCT INFORMATION Two-speed mainsheet systems allow both coarse and fine tuning in a single purchase system. The system allows fine tuning of the mainsheet when sailing upwind by using one of the sheet tails and keeping the other cleated. Using both the sheets at once allows the trimmer to blow off the main quickly when rounding the top mark and trim on quickly when hardening up after rounding the bottom mark. When fitting to traveller cars, ensure adequate support for the bottom block and use stand-up spring kit RF324-1 or RF324-2. (Refer to traveller section for more information). APPLICATIONS Mainsheets on sportsboats and keel boats to 12m (40ft) Mainsheets on sportsboats and keelboats to 12m (40') Max. mainsail area, END boom sheeting = 38sq m (409 sq ft) Max. mainsail area, MID boom sheeting = 23sq m (248 sq ft) MATERIALS Carbon Black Acetal ball bearings U.V. stabilised Acetal sheaves, alloy ratchet sheaves Alloy cheeks Torlon® ratchet pawl Adjustable cleat arms