Ronstan RF62174 Series 60 Ratchet Blocks Pivoting low lead, ratchet

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Sheave Ø 60 mm Max. Rope Ø 10 mm Max. Cable Ø - mm Fastener Ø 5.0 mm M.W.L. 250 kg B. L. 1370 kg Weight 147 g PRODUCT INFORMATION Lead blocks are a low profile solution for leading halyards or other rig sail controls back to cleats or jammers.Maintains alignment with a variable line entry-angle. The line passes through the centre of the pivot support, remaining as close to the deck as possible. The patented extruded hole design, in conjunction with the groove profile of the sheave, provides a MATERIALS Alloy sheave Black carbon Acetal ball bearings Alloy cheeks Torlon® rachet pawl