Ronstan RF452 Utility Block Single

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FEATURES The external tabs can be formed to fit the spar profile before fastening. PRODUCT INFORMATION Ronstan manufactures an extensive range of sheave boxes for use with rope and wire. Plain bearing sheaves are ideal for halyards and other applications where high static loads are likely to be encountered. APPLICATIONS Ideal for applications where lines (rope or wire) need to be led through decks, bulkheads or spars minimising friction and chafing MATERIALS Nylatron® sheave Grade 316 stainless steel cheeks Sheave Ø 22 mm Max. Rope Ø 3 mm Max. Cable Ø 3 mm A 25.5 mm B 26.0 mm C 7.5 mm D 5.0 mm E - mm B. L. 320 kg Weight 30 g