Tethered & Portable Handsets - H1 & H1P

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The Cortex Handset is available in H1 Tethered and H1P Portable versions. Connect up to 10 Cortex Handsets to a Hub.

A revolution in marine technology that will change your VHF experience forever. An intuitive touchscreen that is engineered for durability to withstand the rigours of the harsh marine environment. Audio that’s as loud as a train but clear as a bell. The future of VHF is here.

• Intuitive functionality
• Secure mounting and charging cradle
• One-touch DSC
• Single-handed operation with rotary click-wheel
• Wireless freedom on board
• Up to 85 dBA audio
• Wide angle & sunlight viewable
• Pinch-to-zoom
• Critical data always in view
• Durability in wet and rough conditions
• Gorilla Glass
• Wet use touchscreen

101051 Vesper 3′ Waterproof External Speaker
101052 Vesper Cortex H1 Cradle
101053 Vesper Cortex H1p Cradle
101054 Vesper Cortex Railblaza Adaptor
101064 Vesper Cortex External Gps Antenna
101056 Vesper Cortex External Cellular Antenna
101057 Vesper Cortex Gps Antenna Patch Cable
101058 Vesper Cortex Cellular Antenna Patch Cbl
101059 Vesper Cortex External Wifi Antenna
101060 Vesper Cortex Vhf Patch Cable
101061 Vesper Cortex Power Cable
101067 Vesper Cortex Vhf Patch Cable
101063 Vesper Cortex Power Cable

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