Delphi™ 'CAV' Diesel & Petrol Sediment Filter

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Variant: 200404
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Watertrap or sedimenter which removes water and large particles from fuel. Glass bowl for quick visual inspection of fuel condition. Typically abrasive particles of 100 microns and water particles of up to 300 micron size can be filtered. Up to 150cc of water can be collected in the bowl and drained without dismantling. Base and head constructed of aluminium. This filter has no gauze or paper element and is suitable for petrol, including 2 stroke and diesel.
Complete filter assembly.
10mm fastening holes
172mm overall height
107mm maximum width
45L/hr flow rate
Inlet/outlet 1⁄2″ x 20 UNF
200412 Replacement glass bowl
200414 Replacement drain plug
200416 Replacement 'O' ring

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