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The Reservalve is generally installed in the boat's engine room in a vertical position with access for filling and inspection of system pressure and fluid level. The Reservalve acts as a fluid reservoir and pressure tank for the system. It incorporates a fluid level sight tube, pressure gauge, air pressurisation valve, over pressure relief valve, filter and charging valves. The pressure reservoir and charging valves maintain fluid to the back side of pistons. Fluid to and from the reservoir is regulated by the charging valve block on the bottom of the reservoir. The charging valve block is necessary to keep the system under pressure, and to prevent excessive pressures caused by the expansion of fluid with heat. A single Reservalve is used for both single and twin engine installations. All alloy pressure tank with stainless steel through bolt and valves. Charging valve assembly at base is machined from solid 6000 series aluminium.
BLA CodeWorking Pressure barCapacity LitresHeight Holes mmWidth mmDepth mmPorts NPT Mount mm
BLA Code
Working Pressure bar
Capacity Litres
Height Holes mm
Width mm
Depth mm
Ports NPT
Mount mm
298412 Replacement filter element

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