Chemtech Diesel Power - Diesel Fuel Additive

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Diesel Power contains special antioxidants and dispersants that clean injectors and fuel lines by removing gum and varnish, resulting in greater fuel economy and prolonged engine life. It also helps prevent problems resulting from fuel storage and thermal breakdown. Diesel Power assists in breaking fuel-water emulsion and in preventing rust and carrion within the fuel system. With 1ml of product treating 1L of fuel, Diesel Power offers great value for money.

Cleans injectors and keeps them clean
Improves diesel fuel stability (oxidation and thermal stability) thus reducing the formation of gums and insoluble deposits that block filters
Handles water more effectively for greater engine protection, by facilitating the break-up of stable fuel-water emulsions
Boosts engine performance - resulting in more dependable power and acceleration
Improves fuel economy
Reduces exhaust emissions
Inhibits growth of algae and bacteria
300ml treats up to 300 litres

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