Garelick Eez-In® Seat Suspension Systems - Compact & Half Profile

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Active seat suspension systems offer boaters new levels of comfort and safety in all weather and water conditions.
Active Seat Suspension Systems absorb and minimise up to 75% of the shock, jolt, and vibration transmitted to the passenger from the forces of roll, pitch, and yaw.
Active Seat Suspensions Systems reduce the feelings of seasickness and nausea by absorbing excessive movement with 25mm of damped vertical travel.
These systems are CAD designed, FEA proven, and precision engineered and tooled.
Components are saltwater spray tested and U.V. stable; to help endure harsh marine environments.
Made from rugged, high-tensile, anodised aluminium with stainless steel hardware.
BLA CodeDescriptionAdditional Height mmOutline Dimensions mmMounting Hole Pattern
BLA Code
Additional Height mm
Outline Dimensions mm
Mounting Hole Pattern
182142Seat Shock Absorber50330 x 18013 x 31 Slotted
182144Seat Shock Absorber 1/2 Profile (Pair)330 x 7013 x 31 Slotted

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