J20-162 Jabsco Par-Max Washdown Kit

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J20-162 Jabsco Par-Max Washdown Kit

Complete washdown system kit in colour box retail packaging complete with coiled hose.
Includes Jabsco Par-Max 4.0 high pressure deckwash pump. Fully automatic pump delivers 4 GPM (15 litres per minute) at 60 PSI pressure. Blast decks and anchors clean with ease.Also includes plug-in salt water

filter, 7.5 metre (25 Ft) HoseCoil coiled hose with brass fi ttings, hose gun, hose gun connector and plug-in port adaptor to connect to HoseCoil hose,
2 x 3/4” 20mm straight plug-in hose
fi ttings and 1 x 3/4” 20mm 90 degree hose fi tting