Multiflex Boxed Steering Kits - Planetary Gear Helm

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SKU: RWB7652

Cable steering kits packaged complete in a display box. Includes a quality planetary geared helm for smoother steering, 90 degree bezel kit with all mounting hardware, and quick connect steering cable with stainless steel ends -just choose cable length required.
Kits are available in cable lengths from 8 foot (2.43 metre) to 22 foot (6.70 metre). 
cable length required. Kit does not include steering wheel.

Measuring Steering Cables -Refer Image

Add A + B + C and subtract 100mm for each
90 degree bend in the cable.
For installation through the engine tilt tube,
add 305mm (1 ft) to the measure calculated
above (When measuring cable length in
millimetres (mm) divide by 305 to convert to feet)
and then round up to the next whole foot